A Fresh Approach to Oil Management: Supplement 1

This serves as a supplement to the white paper, “A Fresh Approach to Oil Management”, written in November of 2011, by Rick Borchers, Chief Operating Officer for DavCo Restaurants.

During the annual insurance review meeting, in July of 2015, regarding our self-insured Workers Compensation and General Liability Lines, we were able to clearly define a critical ROI component of the RTI Oil Management System.

Specifically, the Workers Compensation results were dramatic.  Slip and Fall accidents, caused by liquid or grease, reduced by 71% over the prior 3 years.  Similarly, accidents caused by lifting were reduced by 42%.

It was immediately clear that the improvements were a direct result of the closed oil management system.  The oil is pumped into the fryers from a 1400 gallon tank and the used oil is pumped from the fryer into a different 1400 gallon tank.

The floors never become slippery due to grease because oil is not poured into the fryers from a hand-held container. Also, used oil is no longer taken from the fryers, put into a transfer container, and transported to the dumpster area where grease barrels would normally be found.  Not only do the floors stay grease free, the dumpster area, and environment, never suffers from grease spills.

Lifting claims are reduced by eliminating the need for any employee to carry multiple 30lbs. containers of new oil to fill or top off the fryers.

In addition to the dramatic reduction in accidents, our claims paid on an annual basis reduced from $600,000 to $200,000.  The original white paper under estimated the workers comp. ROI contribution.

While the dollar savings that resulted from fewer accidents caused by slips and falls and lifting is important, even more important is the positive impact on employee safety.

The benefits outlined in the original white paper are still valid.  With the additional knowledge of the accident reduction the RTI system pays for the system and may, from year to year, become a profit center.