The REAL Approach

The R.E.A.L. Approach

The Four Pillars of Leadership

A common- sense approach to successfully managing organizational dynamics, while maintaining continuous improvement.


  • Identify the right person for success
  • Consider skill set, small margin for error
  • Maintain effective lines of communication
  • Learn to listen first
  • Manage by question, elicit buy in
  • Level set and always be honest when discussing performance (I would rather hurt your feelings than hurt your career)
  • Do not discuss, individual, critical performance, or deficient behavior, in group situations
  • Build on individual and group strengths, and develop high performing teams
  • Create win/win situations


  • Set clear, achievable Goals and Objectives, that ensure Continuous Improvement
  • What is my role?
  • Ask questions, manage buy in
  • Consider the 85% rule-The Law of Expectations
  • Change agents achieving positive outcomes -clear, direct, and honest communication on a regular basis

plan and organize with passion


  • Clearly establish the “individuals” role and define behavior expected
  • Use project lists to track performance
  • Remove roadblocks -authority matches accountability
  • Tools to be successful in place



  • Professional at all times
  • Lead with vision – 30,000 feet
  • Practice Situational Leadership
  • You become what you think about (if you think you can’t, your right)
  • Always punctual
  • Meetings always organized, with purpose
  • Unquestionable personal integrity
  • Always consistent in approach


RBorchers.Management Approach